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Unusual for me, here is a straight-up fashion blog!

The Mystery Gacha Fair is on, and of course I couldn’t resist. I’ll be blogging some of the other stuff from the fair in the next day or so but here is the first dress that Gwyneth tried on.

The Belle Epoque Dress

The Belle Epoque Dress

The skin I’m wearing in this photo is a special skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. It’s Sientje, in the new tone Pineapple, and it’s a new release for the Fourth of July Weekend. I rejoiced when I saw this skin, because it means I can put Gwyneth in a 7 Deadly s{K}ins skin and keep her basic look. The Pineapple tone is a little darker than she usually wears, but Sunkissed for Summer is a great look, and I am madly in love with this skin and its gorgeous, gorgeous light blonde eyebrows. Yes! It’s available from the 7 Deadly s{K}ins Main Store.

I was so impressed by Belle Epoque’s Criseida dress from Fair Play that I had to play their gacha and get at least one of these beautiful gowns. As I expected, it fits perfectly, and the colours and texturing are to die for. This is the Edith dress in blue and gold.

Earthstones' Calliope Armlet

Earthstones’ Calliope Armlet

And, something I wore in a couple of the handfasting prep photos but forgot to credit, in this photo you can see the gorgeous Earthstones Calliope Armlet, in Lovely. You can change the texture of the metal, so I chose gold because of course Gwyneth is into gold. 🙂 This is also a great way to view one of my favourite Analog Dog hairs, Megan. Queue Marlowe has such a talent for creating hair that is a mix of mesh and flexi, so it moves realistically while also not going all through your clothing and body at odd angles. The circlet you can see here is from Le Forme, and you can get it from their Mainstore. It’s also on their stall at Fair Play.

Here's another view of Gwyneth in this beautiful dress.

Here’s another view of Gwyneth in this beautiful dress.

Here’s another view of Gwyneth in this beautiful dress. If you look closely, you can see the Independent Objects Alia Foot Jewellery in blue just peeking out. These are also available at Fair Play.

Style Card:

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Sientje (new for the Fourth of July Weekend and available at the 7 Deadly s{K}ins Main Store!)
Hair: Analog Dog (natch!), Megan
Dress: Belle Epoque, Edith Blue & Gold (Mystery Gacha Fair!)
Foot Jewellery: Independent Objects, Alia Foot Jewellery, Blue (Available at Fair Play!)
Earthstones, Calliope Armlet, Lovely (Available at Fair Play!)
Necklace: Ellabella, Ensorcelled Necklace, Mist
Circlet: Le Forme, Rivendell Circlet, Gold (Available at their Main Store, or at their kiosk at Fair Play!)

Fair Play Logo skinlogodiap

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