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Which is to say, fucking weird. We had a cat person from the planet Felinica, where nobody blinks an eye at cats who talk with lisps apparently, last night. Possibly Felinica(ns?) would find Tweety & Sylvestet racist? This fellow was called Bynx. For the first time, I heard a sentient being actually speak LOLcat. I kid you not: he explained he was trained in magics and asked if we has fishies. I swear, the hardest thing I’ve done so far as an employee of the Lucky Leaf was not say, “No, but you can has cheezburger if you want…”

Kidding aside, he was awfully nice, even though I could never have imagined him a few months ago. I really hope I do not forget all these experiences when I go back home. I don’t know when or if that will ever happen, but I would feel sad if I forgot all this.

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