Three Twisted Knots

Tales of the Fae Lands

We Lost One

From Gwyneth:

That’s how Brán put it when he told me. ‘We lost one, Your Majesty’.

I rushed to the library

When he told me who it was, of course I rushe to the Library. Now, I probably hadn’t thought to tell you about my Chimerical Librarians, because the Library isn’t officially open yet, so there’s been no need to talk about it overmuch. But soon enough, I hope you’ll see more pictures of our beautiful Awenian Library.

Her name is Lira. She is a spontaneously formed Chimerical Librarian, and I can tell you that bringing her out of the æther was no small feat. She and her assistant, Ari, have been working diligently to get the Library into shape, and I’m not proud that this visit was only my second to her office.

Lira’s Office & the Restricted Section

Lira chose to make her office in the same room as the Library’s large Restricted Section, and if I’d been more diligent I’d have seen what an excellent job she’s done with the space already.

Her space

The manuscript she’d apparently been working on before we took her off to the Great Faire was still open on her desk, and either Ari or some of the demifae had made sure everything was dusted and cleaned, and that the clock (which shows the wrong time, incidentally) was well wound.

When I spoke to Ari, she said she’d worried when Lira didn’t arrive with the rest of the Throng, but, ‘I thought maybe she needed some rest after such a big adventure’. That’s one reason why it was a few days after the Faire that we were notified.

‘Well’, I said. ‘This is a first’. We’ve never managed to lose a member of the Throng in the portal from the Faire before. I didn’t even know where to start.

Brán assures me there is a proper procedure for this. He and Nathaniel are working on it even as we speak.

Let’s get to work

For the time being, I’ve promoted Ari to Head Librarian in Lira’s absence, though I think she was none too pleased with her change in status. Brán told her not to worry; he’s sure we’ll have Lira back in no time. I asked for a couple of personal objects of hers so I could work from our side on scrying her; realmwalker that I am, I’ve done this sort of work before.

But that doesn’t change the fact that after all this time, we lost one.

Notes & Credits:

Items featured at Enchantment’s Dark Academia:

  • Gown: Senzafine, Amelina Dress
  • Lira’s desk & chair: Lore, Gothic Library Table & Chair
  • Desk clock & caged shelves: The Looking Glass, Glass Dome Clock & Locked Bookshelf
  • Restricted Section book shelves, candlesticks, & book stack with candles: Raindale, Ravenspire Bookcase, Ravenspire Candelabrum, Mistyspirit Books

Other Fancy Stuff:

  • Hair: VCO, Roo
  • Skin: Moth & Moon, Aria, in T1
  • Makeup: Hexumbra, Jaime Eyeshadow & Kamberly Lipsticks
  • Headband: Magika, Rose Headband
  • Ring: Rivendale, WooHoo! Hunt Ring
  • Gwyneth is styled on a Maitreya mesh body with the Petite add-on, a Lelutka EvoX Gaia head, and her ear shape is attained with the Clover Leutka Ear Deformers.

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