Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

From Gwyneth:

I don’t mind handling the various diplomatic responsibilities of my role. I knew these would be a reality when I decided to create a Realm that would be a bridge between the Fae Realms and the more mundane worlds out there. Still, particularly when the diplomatic season is just starting to heat up in the spring, I find it tiring.

Honestly, I find spring tiring. I and the other magical guardians of Awenia have done so much work to make sure everything is in place and things are set to grow and flower and move through their year as they should, frankly we’d all like to take a nap until Beltane.

But that’s not my lot, so I’m getting ready to head to a museum meeting in Antwerpen this week.

So tired!

I was so tired I called on Clutie to help me out with the pre-trip glamours.

‘Fine, but you have to take me with you’, she said.

‘Clutes, you hate this kind of thing’, I said, trying to reason with her. ‘What if we plan an outing to that cool Elf Forest you like when I get back? Lots of eye candy there’.

Clutie sniffed. ‘No. I want to go with you’.

I tried another tack. ‘Do you really want a bunch of beings who aren’t used to demifae fawning all over you’? I asked.

‘I’ll glamour myself into a fairy dragon and sleep on your shoulder the whole time, and if anybody bothers me, I will bite them‘.

‘You haven’t really read over the definition of diplomacy, have you, dear’?

Clutie folded her tiny arms and tapped a foot against the imaginary floor whilst floating in front of me. ‘That’s the deal. You want my help for unbreakable glamour while you’re on this little jaunt, I come with you on the little jaunt’.

At this point, I have known Clutie long enough to know that when she starts tapping that foot, there is no arguing with her: she is getting her way and that’s that.

‘Fine’, I said, ‘But I want cool eyeshadow’.

Those Hexumbra Dragons Really Came Through!

‘That I can arrange easily’, Clutie replied. ‘The Hexumbra Dragons visited earlier in the month, and they brought some beautiful designs for you to try’.

I admit I squealed when I saw the Unicorn colour. I’ll have to keep that in my weekly glamour rotation! The lipstick ended up perfect as well—as usual Clutie did a great job. You can see her here, already glamoured up as her little fairy dragon. She even did my hair and nails and found just the right jewellery. Not just a great employee, Clutie, but also a steadfast friend.

‘Time for us to get moving’, I said as I made a move to stand up. ‘Sorry I didn’t get to finish the coffee, but I love the magic cloud’.

‘Super cute, isn’t it’? Clutie was already starting to fall asleep on my shoulder. ‘Don’t forget your wings’.

Can’t have a Faery Queen without wings!

I shrugged to bring the wings out and made sure they were just the right combination of colours. ‘Imagine the kerfuffle if I arrived in a city Realm without wings’! I laughed. ‘There would be screaming in the street’!

Clutie was already asleep, so really the only response to my banter was little fairy dragon snores.

Notes & Credits:

Sponsored items from the cool creators who send me stuff to take pretty pictures of:

  • Skin: ND/MD: Ani, in Snow. Available at the ND/MD Main Store
  • Eyeshadow (photos 2 & 3): Hexumbra, Blythe, in Unicorn. Available at the Hexumbra Main Store
  • Lipstick (photos 2 & 3): Hexumbra, Kimberly HD lipsticks (shown faded using the Lelutka HD Lips fade feature). Available at Orsy Event.

Other Fancy Stuff:

  • Hair: Exile, Titania (photo 1); and Exile, Laie (photos 2 & 3)
  • Ears: Andore, L.E.X. Elf
  • Ear Adornments: Andore: Wild Flower
  • Earrings & Necklace: Heartsdale Jewellery, Mists of Avalon
  • Outfit: Meva, Andrea Dress (Picked up at Anthem)
  • Shoes & Socks: Eudora 3D, Ada Heels & Socks
  • Wings: Aii & Ego: Fairy Wings
  • Backdrop, including floor/walls, windows, screen, small table, and curtain: Amitie, Essential Backdrop (At Equal 10)
  • Poses: Amitie, Essential (At Equal 10)
  • Vanity & clutter: Granola: Giselle Vanity
  • Magical coffee: LuluB! Magical Coffee, Purple (Available at Farmer’s Market)
  • Clutie as a Fairy Dragon: SEmotion Libellune Fairy Dragon XS, SPECIAL

One thought on “Diplomacy Road

  1. Yup, I’ll leave the diplomacy to you. I’ll deal with the bureaucracy 🙂

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