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Wings Over Eclectica

Some Realms are Magical. Eclectica is one of those Realms. I first visited Eclectica years and years ago. I think Davey had been through it on his travels, and he recommended that I visit there.

Of course, Realms change. They evolve, in the same way as language evolves, over time. Yesterday, I was feeling nostalgic and decided I’d visit there again.

eclectica BLOG - 13
Eclectica, Reborn

I found that Eclectica has been reborn, newly formed into something very different from, but just as wonderful as its previous incarnation. I took a lot of photographs while I was there (yes, even some selfies!), and all I can say to you is that if you get a chance, put Eclectica on your bucket list of places to visit.

eclectica BLOG - 9
There is a magical forest.

Eclectica is now a series of islands and peninsulas, tied together by an extraordinary, magical forest. And every little grove has a delightful secret waiting to be discovered.

eclectica BLOG - 15
Am I a badass, or are we all going to die? 

Am I a badass here, or are we all going to die? And just what is the drag coefficient on these feathery wings?

Really, I feel that I should just let the photographs speak for themselves.

eclectica BLOG - 8
Covered bridge, with roses
eclectica BLOG - 16
I could not resist
eclectica BLOG - 19
Beyond the bridge, a private dancing spot
eclectica BLOG - 10
And, of course… I couldn’t resist.
eclectica BLOG - 18
The ambiance was inspiring.
eclectica BLOG - 20
In the midst of the forest, a Romani vardo
eclectica BLOG - 12
And no question at all about how someone got here, at least.
eclectica BLOG - 11
Tents and lights
eclectica BLOG - 3
I have met a rainbow alpaca; my life is now complete!
eclectica BLOG - 17
Beautiful treescapes
eclectica BLOG - 6
Tucked-away treasures
eclectica BLOG - 4
So many things to see
eclectica BLOG - 14
An intriguing beach
eclectica BLOG - 7
Delightful details
eclectica BLOG - 21
Solitary dwellings
eclectica BLOG - 5
Intriguing artwork
eclectica BLOG - 2
A well of flowers
eclectica BLOG - 22
A view through Queen Anne’s Lace
eclectica BLOG - 1

This isn’t a fashion-y post, so I’m not going to write the usual long list of credits here. If you’re curious about anything Gwyneth is wearing here, feel free to IM me. If your question is about Eclectica, Maddy is your source!

If you have the chance, Eclectica is a must-see. It opens later today, 31 August, and it’s really worth spending a good, long time there. There is a donation kiosk just outside the landing point: don’t forget to show Maddy a little Linden Love before you leave!

Location: Eclectica



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