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Mika BLOG - 2

This morning, Mikachu visited the flower shop in the Realm!

This morning, Mikachu visited the flower shop in the Realm!

The visit wasn’t accidental. Every so often, a creator I blog for releases an item that, while awesome, would look better on someone else. On this occasion, Mika just happened to look at this hair from Wasabi Pills for Fifty Linden Fridays and fall in love with it, so I asked her if I could photograph her in this hair. It’s Viola in their exclusive Fifty Linden Fridays colour pack. I love that the new Wasabi Pills FLF colour pack has so many great options now.

Mika BLOG - 1

Mika dances!

Mikachu is a long-time member of my roleplaying clan, and believe it or not, we usually see her as a ferret. She’d morphed human today because she was at an event that had a render weight limit, so she changed avatars. No matter how she appears, Mikachu is always delightful and always fun to be with. She decided she liked the greenhouse area best in the Fairyland Realm, so we took several photographs of her in this hair so I could show it to all of you before Friday was done!

Mika BLOG - 3

Reaching for the light.

It was great to have Mika on the sim this morning. She is so much fun to be with and to talk to, and she’s a great role player to boot.

Thanks for coming round and letting me photograph you, Mikachu!

Style Card
Body: Maitreya:
Lips: The Sugar Garden
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Viola, Fifty Linden Fridays Exclusive Edition (Available until the end of the day at the Wasabi Pills Main Store!)
Ayashi – Albedo Strands
Zenith Xiang Mo Collar – Pink
Sn@tch Chiara Sheer top – White
Moon Elixir – Potions Master – Snow Shorts Leather/Cloth
Moon Elixir – Potions Master – Snow Boots
Melon Bunny – Vintage Glasses
Candy Mountain – Dew Eyes – Drown
Moon Elixir – Potions Master – Garter L/R
May’s Soul – Ninja into the dark – Katana back

Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I’d never photograph the most adorable Mikachu without it!


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