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Patience is a virtue I’ve never had. So shopping at any time of the year with Nathaniel is a bit of a trial.

Shopping with him at Christmas is a nightmare. Don’t get me wrong: I love him deeply, but I have seen this man stare at two waistcoats for three quarters of an hour, trying to decide whether he really wanted piping or not.

Now, I hear the tradition in many families is that the wife does all the gift shopping and some gifts are just designated to be from Dad. I suspect this was true with my parents. Maybe I just still have hope that one day I’ll teach Nathaniel how to shop.

So, here I stand in the Realm of the Looking Glass, waiting for my Consort.

So, here I stand in the Realm of the Looking Glass, waiting for my Consort. Luckily, I only shop in comfortable shoes; these are from Wicca’s Wardrobe, the Gypsy Boots.

Oh, and also, I don’t know how she does it, but on a fairly regular basis, Miss Allsunday Lemon, who’s the designer behind Wasabi Pills, has a special deal on one of the beautiful hairstyles she’s created. So I rushed down very early this morning to beat the crowds—this deal is only offered on select Fridays—and she fixed me up with the most delightful little set of pigtails! I love how designers in different Realms give their hairstyles and clothing such interesting names: I think Trixie suits this one. Anyway, it’ll be on offer only for today, December 23, 2016, so if you like it, run down to the Wasabi Pills Main Store and snap it up!

It’s starting to get a bit chilly.

It starting to get a bit chilly. I’m all wrapped up in the outfit I got at The Winter Trend, made by Neve (Deedee leggings and Pep top), but I can still feel the wind picking up. Luckily, the Looking Glass Realm is very accepting of beings like myself; I’m sure most of the denizens here are different or special or perhaps not quite human. I’ve been waiting so long I’m tempted to ironically go into the Fortuneteller’s shop just behind me and ask the question, “Will my beloved ever show up to finish the last of the holiday shopping?” That might be seen in retrospect as cruel. Would be funny, though. I did say we’d meet at the lamppost outside Cole’s Corner; I really want to talk to ColeMarie Soleil about creating some particle magic (she is a magician with that stuff, I tell you!) so that I can appear at our Winter Ball crowned with stars and iridescent snowflakes. If anyone can teach me that spell, it’ll be ColeMarie.

Great Lady of the Woods, where is he? Night’s falling here, and I don’t know if shops stay open late. I guess I’ll just have to go on without him, and of course this means we’ll have a “discussion” later about whether or not I am meant to do all the shopping for the pickiest, most persnickety, peskiest, most perfect man I’ve ever known. Yeah; it’s true. I love him despite this. But it might mean I stop at Cole’s Corner first and buy something nice for myself. After all, it’s Yule!

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka, Simone 2.0 Bento Head (NEW at the Lelutka Main Store!)
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Trixie (Available ONLY FOR TODAY, for Fifty Linden Fridays, at the Wasabi Pills Main Store!)
Ears: Swallow, Elf Ears High Definition
Eyes: Mesange, Don’t Speak Eyes (Omega eye appliers)
Skin: Lumae, Yulia (only for Lelutka heads) (Available NOW at the Lumae Main Store!)
Hands: Vista, Vista Bento Prohands
Jumper (Sweater, Americans!): Neve, Pep (Neutral) (Available NOW at  Winter Trend 2016!)
Leggings: Neve, DeeDee (neutral) (Available NOW at  Winter Trend 2016!)
Boots: Wicca’s Wardrobe, Gypsy Boots

Location: The Looking Glass, by Sharni Azalee.


Spiffy photos taken with the indispensible aid of my LumiPro. I never make Gwyneth stand around waiting for Nathaniel to show up for Christmas shopping without it!

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2 responses to “Waiting”

  1. I live my wife dearly, but I find this comment most amusing from someone who can take an hour to decide what to wear just to join me for a drink in the village tavern. And we won’t even go into the fact that Bran, Clutie and I have long been, how shall I put it, creative, concerning the time of important meetings. Telling her, for example, that a 2pm meeting is at noon in the hope that she will have finished deciding what to wear before the meeting starts.

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