Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

From the street outside.

From the street outside.

Yesterday was pretty much a non-happening. I spent most of the day asleep, then went out foraging for food. I won’t go into the details of what I ate, but let’s just say that sampling a number of  American fizzy drinks and sweets does not make for a sociable Gwyneth. So I set up the wi-fi and rang the mobile company about a better plan for my phone, then just puttered around my flat for the rest of the day and did very, very little aside from a couple of short forays around town to see what there was to see. There’s a very nice little town square that has some interesting looking shops, and a bit of a dodgy end I didn’t venture into. Right around the corner from the flat, there’s a fortuneteller! Maybe I will go and see what an American Seer has to say about my future; that could be a fun adventure.

When I got back home (home!) I sketched the outside of the flat building from a mobile phone photo (I can do that again now!), and this is the result. I shall have to see if there’s a printer in town who does enlargements, so I can work with tracings and overlays. Or maybe I will get one of those tablet do-dads and start doing electronic sketching again; I’ll be a lot has changed since I tried that. Then again, I sort of like working on paper. I think that’s the only reason I’ve been able to keep up with this journal for so long, because it’s on paper and not online where every wanker in the country could read it.

The flat is one room.

The flat is one room.

The flat is one room, but it’s a big room. This is the lounge area, with my drafting table and the table that’ll pass for a desk once I get all the paperwork sorted for uni.

I worried about all the sketches for about half an hour: I don’t think anybody will notice anything, and I can always talk about my (real) obsession with fairytale and balladry if anyone gets curious. That’s assuming anybody besides the family ever comes over here, of course.

My opulent kitchen!

My opulent kitchen!

There is a completely useless screen divider which only serves to hide a chair from the rest of the flat, but I guess it’s meant to serve as a reminder that sometime or other I might not want to change clothes in the middle of the kitchen. It does mean that if I want any privacy I have to draw the curtains, but when has that ever been different?

My kitchen!

More of my kitchen!

Wow! I have a kitchen! My own kitchen!

My fridge!

My fridge!

It has a cooker and a hob (electric, but nothing’s perfect), and a sink and the most amazing refrigerator I have ever seen outside of an appliance store except that one time when I went to dinner at an American lecturer’s house and she had an “American Fridge”, or that’s what everyone calls them, anyway. I guess over here, this is just a “fridge”.  The little hole on the left hand side dispenses water and crushed ice, and it has an automatic ice maker. I can’t wait to show it to Nathaniel.

My bed!

My bed!

The bed, where nothing will ever happen unless Nathaniel visits (probably) is a bit old and creaky, but it works just fine for me, and it’s not as narrow as Nathaniel’s boat bed, which is kind of nice. I can stretch out like a Cait! Speaking of, I haven’t seen Nualla in some time. I should check on her.

I’m glad the flat has two windows, because that means it gets good light, at least part of the time.

I even have 21st century sleeping attire!

I even have 21st century sleeping attire!

I even have 21st century sleeping attire! Father would be so proud (not!). Luckily, he’s unlikely to visit; I can’t think how he’d find it here. Probably not very welcoming, but he’d find some patronising way to put it that would make us all realise how very old and wise he is.

Sigh. Well, that’s put a right damp on my mood. Maybe I’ll take a turn round town again this evening, this time in search of a pub.


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