Three Twisted Knots

Tales of the Fae Lands

A letter to my father, Blaise, Crown Prince of Ronaofa

We are besieged here.
We are besieged here.

Dear Father,

The Seelie Sithen in Ashmourne is besieged by cwn, and the Huntsman seems to be on the prowl wherever we look. I have seen him many times over the last months, and each time his madness seems to be a little deeper, his grip on whatever we term reality loosening. A mad god is not something I ever thought I would have to deal with, but as you know, there are so many things in my life I never thought I would have to deal with. 

And I was not raised to be a Princess, so when the fae come to me for advice, I do not always know what to say to them. I am not equal to this task, Father. I was only starting to learn the ways of our kind when you went away.

I will not spend any time in this letter begging you to come home, for I feel that you will not. I cannot sense you in the Wylds. And wherever you have gone, the Captain seems to go with you, for I cannot sense him either. 

And our people, my people, cross the threshold and walk into the Mallorn tree to be at one with Queen Saone. Some nights there are queues as long as the fountain path. I know they do what they feel is right, but my human upbringing makes me wonder if their actions reveal a lack of faith in me as Princess. 

Soon after you disappeared, Princess Aislyn also departed.
Soon after you disappeared, Princess Aislyn also departed.

Soon after you left, Princess Aislyn also departed for places unknown. Ladies Siansa and Renata are nowhere to be found; I only hope they are safe with you and not lost. I do not know that any of us are not lost though, not now.

There is news you must know: the realm of Ashmourne is becoming more and more unstable, or so says the wind, and the trees, and all the spirits who will speak with me. I do not ask you to return and save us, for I know you have your own geas to fulfil and your own demons to contend with. I only want you to know that should you try to return in the future, you may find that the Wylds no longer exist, at least not in the form you remember them. 

The news from Mysthaven is that there’s talk of a deal with the demons; Nathaniel believes they may have another choice and has spoken with Nemaine, but I do not know the details of that discussion: I have been too busy fighting fires here, as they say in my homeland. 

Although it is a painful thing to contemplate, I admit I am mostly just waiting for the day when the cwn break through our defences and the sithen falls. 

Against that eventuality, I may make a deal with Queen Isabella.
Against that eventuality, I may make a deal with Queen Isabella.

Against that eventuality, I may make a pact with Queen Isabella to ensure my continued safety (and indeed my continued ability to exist). I do not know what this pact will entail; King Alec spoke to me of it only a day or so ago, and said he had a similar offer for Nathaniel. 

I know you would have much to say on this matter, and I know Aislyn would question my loyalty if she heard I were contemplating such a thing. But I am not capable of holding the sithen together as it stands, and I could not promise a stable community for our people even if I thought I were; the realm seems to tremble and shake with every step we take. 

Father, your love and faith have sustained me through so many of the last few months. Even in your absence, I feel your influence in my life. I cannot, will not attempt to, call you back to Ashmourne, but know that I will carry you with me in my heart wherever I may go, no matter how impossibly far away from you I feel myself to be.

Remember me.
Remember me.

I am blessed to have known you, honoured by your counsel (even the counsel I did not want), and still joyfully,


Your daughter,



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