OOC NOTE: 101!

That last post was the 100th post in Gwyneth Evans’ journal. Thank you to all the amazing roleplayers who help her come alive and give her things to think on and make her life hell and all that good stuff. Without you, she would not be as rich a character as I believe she is. To Aoibheann, Nathaniel, Valene, Blaise, Aislyn, Sia, Renata, Braeden, Isabella, Alec, Rachel, Aerodine, Galyanna, Helene, Sophia, Giada, Astrid, Ingrid, Bastion, Bella, Maric, everyone who ever set virtual foot on the magical and fabled shores of Jasper Cove, and I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, you are the spirits and souls who’ve helped make Gwyneth who she is and walked with her on this journey. Thanks even to the Huntsman and our arch-nemesis (sometimes) Gwythyr Gwynn. And thanks especially to Faermorn Violet, who puts up with us all and lets us storm around in her dreamworld like cats doing the elephant walk.

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