Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

I met with the Queen!

I met with the Queen!

I met with the Queen! She said she had some questions for me, if I cared to answer them. I told her I’d do my best.

She seemed mostly concerned about my relation and loyalty to Queen Isabella. I told her that while I thought Isabella was an honourable person, I’d sworn my oath to her and the Seelie Court, and that’s where my loyalties lay. I didn’t tell her that we’d seen Isabella, of course. And she didn’t ask that question, for which I’m grateful.

She told me she could see into people, and asked to take my hand. I did this. The feeling of dizzy flight was intense when she touched me. She said, “I see a majestic white horse or unicorn standing beside you on a field of green grass….I see your mother’s face, fearful, crying, afraid for you. She looks almost exactly like you except for the eyes….There is something dark obscuring the rest…”

She saw my mother’s face. I wish I could see my mother’s face. I wonder why she was afraid for me. I wonder if she still is, where she is, if she is.

She saw my mother's face.

She saw my mother’s face.

She praised me for my eagerness and said maybe my talking would be useful one day. Then, she said she had other things to attend to and had to go back to her duties. I felt so dizzy, as if I might fall down, so I made my way to the nearest pavilion, where Astrid and Ingrid were having a conversation. I think I interrupted them talking about something important, just with my presence. I didn’t mean to.

I think I interrupted them.

I think I interrupted them.

They were lovely and said of course I wasn’t interrupting. Maybe the conversation was uncomfortable; maybe my presence was welcomed. I was so loopy I couldn’t really think to be diplomatic, so I just blurted out that I’d never had a conversation with a Queen before, really (my conversations with Isabella never felt like queen-to-subject, but this one definitely did!). They were both really supportive; maybe I judged them too harshly before. I don’t think they’re snooty at all, now. Astrid made a quip similar to the one Prince Blaise made that evening about how common fae royalty were, and I was able to counter with his words about that, as well. It felt good to laugh about it, even though I was still a little bit in awe of having spoken closely and directly with the Queen. Ingrid said I shouldn’t worry about not having much experience with fae courts, that it was nothing to be ashamed of.

Ingrid is so beautiful.

Ingrid is so beautiful.

Ingrid is so beautiful. When I said that, she replied that I should tell that to her father before being so supportive and wonderful and then assuring me that she, too, could trip over her own hooves (I hadn’t noticed she had hooves) from time to time. I remember the first time I saw her thinking she was a bit funny looking, worrying about the way she and her mother stuck so close together, wondering if they’d hate me because of my gaffe, because of my inexperience, but now I think maybe she’s just like me: someone trying to find her way in the world. Only ethereally beautiful.

I felt suddenly comfortable with both of them, but I was tired, so I excused myself and went to bed. I hope I will get to know them better. I wonder if Ingrid and I will be friends. It would be nice, to have a friend in the Court.



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