Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.

There was a beautiful fae, dancing by the rocks.

There was a fae, dancing by the rocks.

I was going back to the sithen, after the portal incident, and I got turned around. The wylds will still do that to me, even though I feel almost native now. I heard noise and turned to see a beautiful fae, dancing by the rocks. She was almost translucent, completely immersed in what she was doing. Her wings were like net curtains made of frost, and wherever she stepped, frost spread and snow fell. She didn’t speak, but when I asked if I was intruding, she seemed to be telling me I should stay. I was unable to turn away — she was just so beautiful.

I couldn't turn away.

I couldn’t turn away.

There was a joy about her, something I longed to touch and get to know. But I knew she was impossibly distant from me, impossibly magical, a thing made purely of spirit and frost. I complain about so many things here — the pervasive evil that seems to lurk around every corner, the seeming illogic of fae politics and and historical alliances I don’t understand — but then some things are just astounding in their beauty. This was one of those things.

She made a snowglobe with her hands.

She made a snowglobe with her hands.

She danced so beautifully — it seemed to go on forever, but I know it was only for a few minutes. Then she bent down, brought up a handful of snow, and somehow magically turned it into a snowglobe! I love snowglobes, just the whole idea of them. My granny had a few, and I remember playing with them as a small girl.

Then, she just disappeared in a cloud of snow. I took the snowglobe back to my room at the sithen, and it’s on my shelf now. It’s so beautiful, but I don’t know what it means. Things like this always have a meaning. Maybe she meant winter is coming to faerie? I will do some studying and find out what the connection between winter and faerie is.

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