Three Twisted Knots

Tales of the Fae Lands

My routine: Bathe, Socialise, Drink, Sleep?

I took a bath this evening, and Nathaniel found me in the cavern. We’re so surrounded by others here we don’t often get time alone, even when we’re sleeping, so we took advantage of the solitude and spent some time in intimate conversation.
We left the bathing cavern in search of drink, which I probably shouldn’t have had — and found Aoibh in trousers! Tegan had got some cloth up at the castle and made it, or had it made (I’m unsure on that point) into something practical for her to wear after seeing her dress the other day. She is awfully nice.
She had purple hair this evening, which looked fun. She said she’s going for green wings tomorrow. I’ll look forward to that, though I’m also conscious that I need to spend time doing things that aren’t hanging around in the main cavern at Underhill drinking tons of mead.

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