Three Twisted Knots

Not all those who wander are lost.


Tegan came to visit. She is a changeling like me but with a different kind of past. She works saving endangered animals in Africa, and she hates PETA. I like her already.


Aoibheann needed a hair wash and a clothes wash and, well, an everything wash. Afterwards, I brushed out her hair. It’s amazing how long it’s grown!



Paasheeluu, bless her, came by with an apology for the other night. I’m sorry for all those things I called her, even if she still is a batty thing. She gave me a piece of her horn!


I now have a name for Sir Stinksadeath: it is Braeden. He came by in an .. unusually chipper mood, made better when I offered him some mead. He was quite disconcertingly social.


Sometime during all this, Nathaniel came in — the mead was flowing and I don’t exactly remember the details. But he was his usual sweet and amazing self, and he warned me about the Sluagh. Hey– the guy wasn’t going to hurt me; I was serving him drinks!


After Braeden left, the whole scene went down into darksville. Aoibh just had to bring up the whole fealty thing, and who was going to swear loyalty to the King; personally I don’t think it’s going to be any choice of mine: that guy has my name, and I don’t think he’ll hesitate to use it. He’ll either make me into some kind of plaything, or I’ll be a snack for Major FuckBeak before sunset on the day he claims us.


Eventually, everybody listened to Nathaniel like we all should have done to begin with, and decided that we’d just take each day as it comes. As usual. Then, Nathaniel went to bed, as it was getting late, and I stayed up to braid Aoibheann’s hair and brush Paasheeluu. Paasheeluu said I was Hineaa, but I don’t know what that means. I’ll ask Aoibheann. It sounded a lot nicer than that other thing she called me.


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