Three Twisted Knots

Tales of the Fae Lands

Things Keep Happening.

I finally made it across the bridge to look at the other side. It didn’t look much different from our side, except I had to cross the bridge again to get back to our side. I am pretty sure this won’t seem like a big deal to anybody else, but it did to me.

So Aoibh was drinking, and then she climbed Ardan. That’s the tree’s name. The tree she got from the Hunter, wtf. Nathaniel was there, trying to talk her down, and then we both tried to talk her down. I was going to fly up and get her, even though I haven’t tried again since the unfortunate head banging incident in my hut, and I guess I scared her a little when I said one of us might break  bones if we ended up falling from some height. Next thing I knew, she was out of the tree and explaining how she needed to run away and shit.

Nathaniel put his hand in my hair. It was one of those brotherly, ruffly gestures, so maybe he was just being nice. It felt good, though. I was thinking about touching people. I miss touching people. I miss hugging my mum. Obviously, Nathaniel touching me isn’t like my mum (if she is even my mum) touching me. But still. Aoibh isn’t exactly the huggy type, and she’s the best thing to a BFF I’ve got here, unless you count Nathaniel, and that’s rather more complicated.

It finally took Valene to get Aoibh to go back to the castle with us. We put her to bed, and that’s all I know about that, because I was so exhausted from all !1!teh drawmah!1! that I fell right asleep.

Nathaniel also put his arm around me. Twice. I am sleepy still, so it’s really hard not to go all omg about that. What would the twilight fangrrls say if they could see me now? I need to make a top ten list of things I do not fucking miss about 2012, speaking of twilight fangrrls.

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